A dubious memo to a mushroom farm

July 26, 2002
Press Democrat Editorial

To: The Petaluma Mushroom Farm

From: The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Memo: You have until Dec. 31 to relocate your composting operation.
This is the absolute deadline. Yes, we've set deadlines before, and you
have missed every one of them. And each time we've given you an
extension. But we mean it this time. Really.

This is absolutely, positively the last time you will be given an extension ...
unless, of course, you encounter some unforeseen obstacle -- such as a
flat tire -- and need a little more time ... We may then discuss setting
another deadline, but only after taking extreme measures -- such as having
staff write a harsh report. So let this be your final warning. There will be
absolutely no more delays -- unless, of course, they're absolutely

No, this is not an official county document. But it might as well be with the
messages that county officials have been sending the owners of the
Petaluma Mushroom Farm and the members of the Northwest Petaluma
Rural Alliance.

It came as no surprise to the neighbors that the farm missed its July 1
deadline for relocating its odoriferous composting operation. It's the third
deadline the farm has missed since 2000.

But rather than shut down the mushroom farm -- thereby leaving 80
people unemployed -- the county board gave the farm until Dec. 31 to

Representatives of the company contend the composting operation is
being moved to Colusa County and that they won't need more time. We'll

Let's just say neighbors won't be holding their breaths -- while they
continue to hold their noses.

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